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The Broad Athletic Development (BAD) Academy is a central online place for education with a Movement Perspective on physical development. The BAD Academy is about developing a broad base of physical attributes (strength, flexibility, resilience) with a particular emphasis on longevity. 


This will allow you to enjoy and fully participate in the sports and activities you want to be able to do while having peace of mind about the immediate and long-term consequences on your health and longevity.

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Broad Athletic Development Academy

Would you like a fish, or learn how to fish?

One of the key features of the Academy will be the focus on developing knowledge, autonomy, and competence. The Academy will teach you all the underlying principles, mechanisms, and methods that you need to know to be able to take full responsibility for developing your own physical abilities in line with your individual needs and goals. No one-size-fits-all and no life-long dependence on a trainer or coach to tell you what to do.

Who will be teaching?

The BAD academy will be taught by Doctor of Human Movement Science Erwin Maaswinkel and former Olympic Athlete Virgil Spier. Together they bring the perfect mix to the table to teach a program that’s both evidence-based and practically oriented.

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A movement journey is never without problems

  • I want to be able to enjoy my body and physical abilities but I don’t know what to prioritize or how to simultaneously consider the long-term consequences.

  • There are so many things I could do and so many confusing messages and I don’t know how to combine all these different ideas and methods.

  • I don’t know if the information/program/advice from trainer x is reliable or how to incorporate this into my current training program.

  • I don’t know if there are things that I’m not doing (enough) and missing out on but sometimes I also worry that I might be doing too much.

Do you recognize yourself in 1 or more of the above problems? The BAD Academy will solve all of these and more.

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What can you expect?

  • Videos/Lectures/Reading Material on all the fundamental knowledge and underlying mechanisms you need to know

  • Training schedules and explanatory videos for practicing at home

  • Protocols and programs for different goals and circumstances

  • Case studies/surveys/questionnaires to learn to apply all the knowledge you’ve gained

  • Online Live sessions for additional teaching, instruction, Q&A, and feedback

  • Online community where you can interact, discuss and ask all your questions and feedback

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The content of the Academy

The core curriculum of the BAD Academy will revolve around 5 pillars:

  1. FlexibilityIf you can’t make use of the range of motion in your joints that is required for the activities you want to do… you’re going to get into trouble. You will learn everything there is to know about improving the range of motion that is available for you. 

  2. Strength - Everything you do requires a certain level of strength, from picking up your child to pulling yourself up in the rock climbing gym. You will benefit greatly from learning all the ins and outs of how to develop it and how to maintain it. 

  3. ResilienceYou can be flexible and strong, but if your joints and tissues cannot handle the load you get exposed to in your activities, you’re still in trouble. Here we learn everything we need to know about increasing our tissues' resilience, whenever the resilience level that we have is not enough. 

  4. LongevityWe don’t just want to be strong, resilient, and flexible right now… we want to take the long-term into account. Here we will teach you everything about it and all the other pillars will have the longevity and sustainability perspective integrated. Meaning, we won’t be teaching you things under the strength pillar for example if it collides with the idea of longevity. Or more likely, the idea will have been tweaked and adjusted for longevity.

  5. Motivation, Autonomy, and Goal settingBecause it’s very nice if you have all this knowledge, but if you can’t actually put it into practice in terms of setting proper goals, investigating your motivation, and developing the proper habits… you’re still not going to be able to get anywhere. 

Besides these 5 pillars, we will also dive a lot deeper into the idea of broad athletic development, we will cover important fundamental principles that almost always apply, we will teach you a test and learn protocol that allows you to discover what specifically works well for you, we will teach you how to combine the knowledge of all the different pillars, how to prioritize, and much, much more. 

The Structure of the Academy

The BAD Academy consists of 2 distinct phases.

Phase 12 months of intensive study

  • Lectures/Quizzes/Case studies

  • Online sessions for discussion and additional teaching

  • First phase practice

The first 2 months will be the most intensive part of the program and will require a significant time investment. You will get new study material every week, assignments for you to work on on your own and there will be frequent online live sessions. We will also get you started on the first phase of the BAD Academy practice.


Phase 2 - 4 additional months of guided practice

  • Phase 2 practice

  • Online sessions for discussion and reflection


After the first 2 intensive months, we enter a block of 4 additional months where the focus is mainly on practice. The number of hours required for participation will be significantly lower and the frequency of the online live sessions will be lower. This block is all about building experience under our guidance and giving you the opportunity to revisit and review the study material from the first 2 months. 


Then what?

After 6 months you’re ready to take charge of your own development, but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own! You will have lifetime access to the study material and lifetime support from the BAD Academy team. We (and the BAD Academy community) will always be available in your corner for tips, tricks, feedback, and reflection.

Are you a good fit?

Good Fit or Not.jpeg

First of all, the BAD Academy is an educational program. If you’re not interested in upgrading your knowledge on the various topics and would rather have someone tell you what to do… this is not for you.

The focus will be on Broad Athletic Development with an emphasis on Longevity. This opportunity is for people who are interested in both of these topics: developing a broad athletic base so you can enjoy multiple sports and physical activities while focussing on longevity so you get to enjoy your body and abilities for as long as you live.

So if you’re interested in only 1 sport, if you’re aiming for elite performance in 1 particular sport, if you’re primarily interested in esthetics, or if you’re not particularly interested in longevity… this is not for you



The number of participants for the Academy is limited to a small number of spots. Therefore we want to make sure that we attract the right people for this opportunity. We really don’t benefit from pulling you across the line if this is not a good match for you.

A new edition of the BAD Academy will likely start in 2024. With the button below, you can show your interest by pre-registering. Once we have enough pre-registration, we'll schedule the dates for the next edition of the BAD Academy. If you're pre-registered, you'll receive an email once the new starting dates are available. And don't worry, this is without any obligation.

You can pre-register through the button below!

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