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BAD Academy

For People Who Want To Enjoy And Excel At Movement Or Multiple Sports And Never Compromise Their Longevity


The Broad Athletic Development (BAD) Academy is an online portal for education with a Movement Perspective on physical development. The BAD Academy is all about developing a broad base of physical attributes (strength, flexibility, resilience, elasticity & endurance) with a special emphasis on longevity. This will allow you to fully participate in and enjoy your movement practice and activities in any way you want, while having peace of mind about the immediate and long-term consequences on your health and longevity. 


A festival for lovers of movement and connection

Imagine a place that feels like a second home, a destination you can return to each year for your annual infusion of play, curiosity, joy, inspiration, connection, touch, self-discovery, and authentic being. This place revolves around the essence of the human body – a shared passion for movement and an inquisitive mindset towards exploring it. Join us at MOVE NL and enter a space where the love for sports, movement, and genuine human connections converge into a festival that not only inspires but also leaves a lasting impact on your soul.

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